It is popular to us the iPhone has achieved amazing success for the 3 generations. And so the iPhone four still interests a lot of consumers in. The leaked situation of the iPhone four comes to remain in heated conversation. it is believable It is an excellent competitor for all of the cell phone manufacturers. Consequently, additionally, they launch out threatening items for competition.

At present, what appeals to the customers most have become the significant amount of software apps of the iPhone. And lots of wholesale mobile phones manufacturers pick the Google along with Android operation systems. Next let’s come to watch the best mobile phones available on the market. Regardless of whether they are able to surpass the iPhone, they’re proficient mobiles indeed.

Lenovo 3GW100(LePhone) It is available in a round shape and also applies 3.7 inch display screen. The meaning is up to 480*800 pixels. You are going to appreciate the display impact. Though it is a pity that it has a 300,000 pixels camera rather than a 500,000 one. It uses the scorching Android system.

Mortorola Milestone(XT702/Droid)

Milestone looks some sort of square as well as the all black design works with business. It is a QWERTY side slide telephone that is comfortable for input. It comes together with the 500,000 pixels camera & supports flashlight. And it applies the Android 2.0 as well as 550MHz processor.

Nokia N8

The N8 00 is a shooting smartphone with 1200, zero pixels camera. It performs a specialist job in the shooting. It comes together with the Symbian3, SGX530 as well as OMAP3430. It supports HDMI user interface as well as 3.5mm earphone interface.

HTC Bravo (Desire)

HTC Desire appears good the same as the Google Nexus One. It applies the 3.7 inch AMOLED display plus the new Google Android.1.

oppo f11 pro functions as an excellent fighter in the smartphone area. It’s launched out some smartphones all of that are nicely sold. The i9000 will show up on the market. It is certain to be competitive on the hi end mobile market.

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