It has been some time now since the very first phone to make use of Google’s groundbreaking Android Operating System, the Oppo F11, was launched as well as the idea appears to have gathered pace somewhat, with a multitude of new Android mobile phones as well as smart phones available today. Here is brief review of every one of the past as well as current Android phones released thus far.

Oppo F11 The initial’ Google Phone’ released after lots of buzz of October 2008, the G1 was promoted as the fundamental risk to the identified iPhone. It’s being stated the G1, made by the Taiwanese movable specialists HTC, was a thing of a disappointment. The telephone itself was bulky and additionally the slide out keyboard drew claims for being impossible and unwieldy to operate with only one hand.

The oppo f11 pro did, nonetheless, include a number of innovative developments, most notably, the seamless integration of a lot of Google’s popular uses for example the various search engines, maps as well as street view. And many individuals that assessed the telephone had been pleased with the pace as well as reliability of the connection made to the web even though they had been out and also about – which was, after many, a task that aimed to think of online really movable?

HTC Magic The planet did not need to wait long for many enhancements to occur with the introduction of the HTC Magic in April 2009. The slide out keyboard was ditched in favor of an easy-to-use touch display feature, the significantly criticised digital camera was upgraded to 3.2 mega pixels as well as the handset itself was lesser, lighter weight as well as far more appealing. The critics began to question if, actually, Google were onto something here?

HTC Hero Just a couple of short days later on as well as the HTC Hero, likewise referred to as the G2 Touch, came upon the marketplace and so folks truly had been taking notice. The HTC Hero is a dazzling, contemporary looking handset with all of the typical functions and several important improvements.

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