It looks the same as a Water Bottle!

I truly hate it when I’m enjoying a unique, house made fresh fruit drink and I run into a big chunk of something which didn’t get mixed in. It looks absurd to get the blender out there and blend everything up once again. Nevertheless, there’s a tiny blender option which is very handy to use, this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not talking about a typical small blender, however the Nalgenes Bottle, that costs a mere five dollars to ten dollars.

The Blender Bottle is an excellent method to mix things up without getting away heavy appliances or even discovering locations to plug cables in. This useful little blender tool can:

• Combine nutritious drinks

• Mix up salad dressings

• Smooth out yogurt beverages

• Evenly mix batters

• Scramble eggs

• Thoroughly mix dry ingredients like spices

• Store different food products

This small blender choice is much like a cup or maybe plastic jar. Just simply place ingredients inside, and allow the round metal whisk ball help keep everything well combined for you! You are able to actually drink right from the Blender Bottle.

I like the point that just about all the drinks of mine will remain clean and very easy to drink together with the Blender Bottle. If I see some separation, I simply shake it up so it is freshly mixed again! It actually comes in fun styles so I can pick the favorite of mine. Styles include:

• Blue

• Pink

• Black

• Purple

• Red

There are numerous additional advantages to utilizing the Blender Bottle than basic drink and color mixing. I’m constantly searching for ways to better work with the kitchen storage area of mine, which tiny blender does just that!

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